Tuesday, July 19, 2011

winding down...

This Thursday is the last formally scheduled Summer Practice.
Come make it a good one.

I'll be gone 3 of the following 4 weeks, and by then we're into fall sports.
There is some possibility of spontaneous scheduling the weeks I'm back, but in the meantime, come out and run some with the XC team on monday, wednesday, friday, at 830.

See summitxc.com calendar for details.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday, July 08, 2011

Pic of the Day...

Duking it out at 830 am on another killer summit summer morning.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

league play.

summit team frisbee league:
my friend ryan bello is running a team: i'm on it and so is 'biebs'
go to bendultimate.com and sign up. remember, you're already UPA members, so you only pay 30
you get a shirt, 7 games, and a tournament.

call me at 610 8253 with questions

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

if you are running cross country...

or playing soccer and want to get some extra running in....
you should show up for the summit xc running in summer.

mon: 830 drake park
wed 830 farewellbend park
fri 830 chevlin park.

3mile options up to longer ones.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The only name that matters...

...is the name on the front.

'All-State' and 'Coach of Year' voting is up.
We should have all our girls, and all our boys.
And Justin is only listed on the 'open' coaching list...
In a perfect world, I'd vote you all. And I will!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coed city league, etc.

i'm not in charge of city league play, but i do work on the BendUltimate board to make it a product that grows frisbee in bend. It was great to see Foley, Tyler, Andy, Braedon, Archer out there not just competing, but DOMINATING. The more you play, the better your game: But always remember: Do it right. And I got to say, the Summit Frisbee players looked like the savviest lot out there.

Summit: Thursday and friday this week on the baseball diamond. Think there are some UO girls showing up (one, Tina Schueler is a UO captain, and Storm alum). We're continuing the 'camp' mindset this week, even if it's just to build for next year.

Next week, and here after is tuesday thursday on the turf. There will be 2 days in july that we have to find another field. I'm looking into it: Summit is reconditioning all Grass, and the turf is booked then. Stay tuned. I think it's the week of July 11.

All juniors are allowed to play in the league: You will need to be either UPA current (which most of you are) or pay an additional fee. At this point, I"m probably not available for late season league, but I'll make sure to work to get you on 'the right team.'

game of day:
UCSB vs UO Girls

Monday, June 20, 2011

come on!

week plan:
i'll be there tues, wed, thurs, fri. 830 am every day.
we'll have additional coaching by UO girls a couple days.
come play. we're on the GRASS, not the turf this weekend.
it'll be a mix of novice and experienced.
come make next years team as good as this years was.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

nextgen ultimate tour, game of day

Great opportunity in PORTLAND on July 11 to clinic with some of the great young talent of today.
These guys are current or recent college graduates, with significant College and Club experience.

Here's the link.

If you played at states, or westerns, you should be good to go, minus the 20 dollar fee.

swedish national finals. in swedish. great camera work

game of the day.

2011 colorado vs. pitt semifinal, USAUltimate College nationals...

13 out for frisbee today.
skills and drills, mini game, hucking practice.
tanner stuck around for weights... he's all yoked now.

next week, 'mini camp.' stay tuned. for details...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


low turnout today, but still got in some awesome throwing and games of hotbox and mini.
bring a friend, and see you thursday at 830 am SHARP!

Friday, June 10, 2011

clear eyes. full heart. ballin' lids. can't lose.

great season.
tuesday and thursday at the football field or on the grass. 8:30 am. i'll keep the weight room open if you want to lift. bring white, dark, water.
wednesday night at 6 p.m. if interested in city league.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thursday Banquet

Ultimate Frisbee Potluck!!!!!!!!!

A-H: Bring Beverages
I-P: Salads or Side Dishes
Q-Z: Dessert (and make sure it's good!)

Bring your own meat/main dish. We will fire up the BBQ.

Andrew Child's House
61527 SW Longview Street
Bend, OR 97702
(within site of Cascade Middle School but on the upper street in Westridge Subdivision)
From SHS: Mt Washington Dr. East. Right on Mountaineer Way (before you get to the Compass circle). Left on Westridge Avenue. Left on Longview Street. 7th House on Left (mountain side of street)

6 - 8ish pm

Summer League:
See me if you want to play.
Justin and I have a team with some returners, mainly summit alums, and some new players (y'all)

bbq address to follow. I should have a 7-10min highlight reel finished by then.
Couple awards...

Summer Friz: Tues and Thursday AM at 830. Everyone is welcome. We're having a mini camp with some UO june 21-24.
If you can commit to summerleague (all ages, wed night from 6-8) for late june to august, i'd love to have you.

Friday, June 03, 2011


Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 82. Calm wind becoming west southwest around 6 mph

Cook Park in Tigard

Boys at nine.
Girls at Noon.

click HERE

Bring your shirts, shorts, sunscreen, shade, water, etc.
don't forget your cleats.

Boys need to leave no later than 5.
Also: It's rodeo day in sisters. That may or may not be the fastest way there: Do not go home that way.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

News Flash

news flash:
girls at noon, ONE GAME, 2 HOURS.
It's basically for a westerns bid for next year.

i'll make the calls tomorrow.
guys will have a longer day.
we're all in it to win it.
throw a lot between now and then, and tomorrows practice will be hard.

warm up.
coed-half field drill.

short scrimmages:, games to 3
girls v. girls
boys going to state vs. me and justin and boys not going to state. (short games)

then, girls vs JV Boys zone practice
boys vs boys

then, co-ed,
short scrimmage.

i'd like to have a pasta party on saturday, and look at film.
Practice schedule, as always, will be modified based on attendance.

news and notes.

1 Day tournament:
Waiting on Schedule, But games are in Tigard.
Boys starting around 9, Girls around noon (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
Maps, to follow. I'll make calls.

2) Thursday's game is at summit on Baseball field.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


We won 13-0 today.
Think about that. In tough win, playing weird lines, we won 13-0. With tough wind, mixed lines. 13-0.
Could we have done better? Yeah. We could have moved the disc across field better by our handlers.
We could have Cleared space better. We could have valued the disc more.

But we had MULTIPLE blocs by orlich, again, MVP.
We had lazer beam b-button flicks by archer.
We had multiple all around the field d's by Mario.
We had great play by sammi, resetting the 'o'.
We had great cuts by taylor(s)
We had sick upwind pulls by Matt.
Multiple d's by hadlie.

and. much more.
the key: don't relish that success. focus on what you can do to be better.
team scrimmage with (i hope) film, and soundtrack tomorrow.

focus, always on the offense. swing the disc, cut. swing the disc, cut.
on the goal line, 100 percent.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Trucker Hats on Way. You know as much as I do.
We will practice friday. I'll try to find someone to video from stands. Bring your full uniform.
We'll talk about video before state games.
Please bring your 'A' game. We'll be calling subs, at least in our pods for this game.

Here is a well edited video of DIV III nationals that just occurred, claremont vs. st. johns.
The game is a little ratty, and higher camera angles are better. But the editing is tight, the calls are subtitled in, and

Here is a lower resolution video of CU vs. Brown
Better athletes, and I think one of the 3OH3 guys is on CU (really).

This was on CSTV, a CBS subsidiary. The production values are higher (if rez is lower).
Brown tends to run VERT, CU Horizontal stack. Both teams can run both stacks. Both teams have athletes who were playing on high level club teams.

Part 2
Note that Brown is running a lot of 'Split Stack'. Handlers are 3 accross (like a Horizontal Stack), but downfield cutters are vert.

Our goals:
lateral movement with our handlers, (0,1,a) gaining as much ground as possible while moving disc accross.
threatening cuts by 2,3,B,C going deep, and cutting under, reflecting drills we've worked on.
conservative decision making, and huge effort by cutters to give throwers best looks.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Camp Options.

One in Eugene...

one in seattle...

or, instead of spending all that money, if you could fundraise some money, I could make it worth the while of a couple buddies of mine to come over and help run a camp. I assure you. The level of coaching would be equal to, or better than what you could get at these camps. The interaction with students from other places is valuable, but if you're going to go to a camp for that reason, go to the seattle camp, just for variety.

for the cost of 4 of you wanting to go to seattle or eugene for a week, we could put on a first rate camp here.

mull it over.

Week Notes.

Practice Schedule:
Tuesdays and Thursdays. 2 weeks to go. (This friday is the start of 4 day weekend, monday is memorial day, next friday is maybe a travel day). But Throw every day. Come prepared for any and all weather. We'll only cancel for lightning from here on out. Don't miss. If your hurt, come and throw before leaving.

We're going to learn the 'Sideline A PLAY' and another 'Zone'

June 4th (and 5th) is Oregon States (Open) and (Girls).
We're looking into some lodging options, Justin is working on it, each hotel room would require a Parent/Chaperone.
justin has tentatively booked 4 rooms, using some points he's accrued through work.
each would need one adult with a credit card for incidentals / security.

The Girls will very likely be just one of those Days. You'll know as soon as I do.

It's in Tigard
At Cook Park.

After State:
We'll take a break, and then go to mornings at 8:30 on tuesdays / thursdays alternating with days i coach cross country running.

I'll offer weights after tuesday thursday practice. Summer focus we'll continue to work on individual skills (throw, mark, cut, person to person defense), and it's a good time to recruit. There maybe a tournament in august 7-9, but i'm out of town on work. There may be a HS beach tournament in early fall. I'll let you know.

the mystery solved...

The mystery of the 2009 UPA Oregon State Title (Mixed), Solved.


well, not true. but we're the central oregon champs. no one from the valley would come play co-ed (it's tough: they start earlier, it's tough to juggle schedules, the tournament was pretty thrown together. i'm sure someone would have whomped us).

We split X-Y. So it's

Summit Green
Summit Black
(Both wore white)
Bend High
Mt. View.

Bend was missing their most dominant player... a great young thrower with a lifetime of family discing from an old darkstar (long term eugene team) dad.

Summit green went up big versus Mt. View early, then traded points to win. Summit lost the best thrower on the squad, and between that and Bend finally 'showing up' it could have been closer.

Summit silver scores easily to make it 1-0, then with our starters in (we probably had 12 per team)a literally 20 minute point ensues. When it ends, it's 2-0 summit, while it's 7-2 on the other field. It the terrible feel of one of those points that can make or break a young team. But we scored, and our subs scored easily to make it 3-0, and the team did a little better than trading points from there on out to win.

round two: Mt. View defeats Bend High, in what all my kids felt was an upset. I was never so sure, as Bend had better flow, surer flicks, and more depth. But mt. view was willing to huck, and had tremendous desire. Mt. View wins.

Summmit Green vs. Summit black. Missing the best thrower on the squad, summit green is no longer the favorite. blackworks by executing the 'o' and and involving everyone. Summit Green gets great play out of the new arrivals: The state finalists in tennis (last year's champs, lost to other summit doubles this year). The two boys can run and jump (varsity soccer/XC running) and it's a close game. Thrower shows up, and gets a break on a long throw, and i told my best defender to bring pressure on the mark, and make his life hell (he rolled an ankle, and so he's a little slowed up, but always wants to throw, not run). Time cap comes, game over, 8-8. I could have made them play a point, but, hey, what the hell.
I told them before the game that only half of them could be state champs. This lit a fire under the team, and at half, i told them, 'you don't have to cool down. but be aware. this is the intensity i expect at scrimmages. and if you scrimmaged like this, we'd scrimmage more.' and they got it.

round 3
Summit Green vs. Bend: Bend was on to our complicated endzone 'o'. Cut to a corner. So they covered the front of the stack, and poached from the 2nd spot, and which ever girl was in the back half. The first time they did it, i yelled at person one to cut to to the cone, and for josh to come forward uncovered. he flared a little, but we got away with it. Then i showed them what the 'd' was doing, and it was easy from there out. Again, Bend was without their best player, and rather than split into 2 teams, they played a deep roster, so i'm not gloating, just saying.

Summit black vs. Mt. View. A little Nip and Tuck in the early going (2-0, 2-2, 4-2, and then it was trading and extending) until they locked down on defense, and finally realized that against a hucking team, 7 players have to run to the disc. ONe of my seniors who is solid, but not super agressive, finally made the play. A huck goes up, he sprints 45 yards, and deflects the trash away from the open 3rd receiver. They catch it, we bemoan luck. You make your own luck there.

Play of the weekend: Brando, a wicked fast (JO skier, sub 17 5km runner, low 2's 800, you get it) is marking. HIs player swings it, and he runs it down and d's it before it gets completed. Just amazing.

So Summit Green 2-0-1
Summit Silver 2-0-1
Mt. View 1-2
Bend 0-3

I guess I could figure out pt. diff., 17-7 in favor of green, but, the tie in the head to head shows the value of fighting.

States 'Press Release'

USA Ultimate Oregon High School Championships (Mixed).
Score Reporter:


South Eugene HS Mixed A
Summit HS Storm Mixed Varsity
Churchill HS Mixed Varsity
Sheldon HS
Crescent Valley HS - Mixed
Grant HS Mixed
Dallas HS Agent Orange Mixed Var

South Eugene was the obvious number one seed coming in. Led by All everything Aaron Honn, the Axepersons have skill, athleticism, experience and depth. They’ve dominated open play in Oregon, and the West, winning open state for several years, and playing at a consistently high level in USAUltimate Westerns for the same span. Their girls are young, but clearly skilled, and they easily had 6 or 7 girls there. South brought relatively fewer guys, including a number of younger players, but had a few of their guns there. This is South’s first coed foray, as in the past they’ve focused on open play.

Summit High was the two seed, based on I guess the fact that they’d played a little better at Westerns, and had a novice girls team competing in westerns. Finished 2nd at Coed last year, behind Churchill. The only team in the state to run Vert stack exclusively, Summit ‘s game is based on strong D, and scoring fast.

Churchill Has dominated Coed play for years, and played well at the regional level in westerns. Like South (and, presumably, much of the Eugene league), they benefit from middle school programs, and a strong Frisbee presence in Eugene. They graduated a lot of players last year, and they are now self coached, but it’s clearly more a reloading year than a rebuilding year as their strong play indicates.

Sheldon, Coached by UO alum Claire Sharman, seems to be on the upswing, in terms of numbers, and gameplay. Like all the valley teams, I’m convinced that their throwing IQ is significantly higher than our teams. It seems like as a measure of just ‘disc skills,’ the valley teams have a huge advantage. It may be basically mild winters, or the large leagues, or who knows.

Crescent Valley HS, coached by USA Rep Andrew Buermeyer, is also on the upswing. The team shut down the doors in 2009, and has rebuilt from the ground up, but, they are clearly a young team.

Grant HS was the wild card. As games went on, they showed they could run and gun with the other teams, but couldn’t clean it up quite enough. But they clearly have a game plan, their coach has them ballin’, and depending on graduation, and recruiting, should be on the rise.

Dallas High School: If most fun wins, it’s these guys. Played better against Sheldon and Churchill, than against Grant, but since I didn’t see the games, I can’t comment. Could be style of play, or fatigue.

Notable games:
I’ll mainly speak to the Summit games.

Game 1) Dallas 13-3
Summit committed plenty of unforced errors, but was able to keep it together. We worked on disc movement laterally across the front of the stack, decision making, and execution.

Game 2) 10-5 Over Crescent Valley.
The team came out clearly overconfident against Crescent Valley. And promptly went down 4-2. At this point, we had a rather pointed conversation about the difference between pride and arrogance, and about the need to respect every opponent, yourself, and the game. A very teachable moment, and we went on an 8-1 run. Still working on breaking mark and dumping and swinging, which improved slightly. Tournaments are where growth happens, and we were working hard to get better each game.

Game 3) 5-10 (L) to South Eugene.
In the first Half we came out tentatively. We stayed with a deep rotation, and were down at half 7-2. We talked about playing with confidence in the face of adversity, executing the game plan, and believing in yourself. I think I told some story about drowning rats jumping ship and swimming or something. It’s available in my coaching seminars. We calmed down, and traded points the rest of the way, while giving everyone some valuable big game competition.

Game 4) 9-6 over Churchill.
Another game of two halves. This time we came out too fired up. The ‘d’ was there, but we were WAY too hurried in transition, looking for hero plays, making jittery miscues. We took a time out, discussed our mindset, recognized that we were not overconfident, we were not scared, we were just too fired up, and needed to calm down. We were down, I think, 6-4, and scored 5 straight , all on D (we pulled to start the second half). Churchill is no longer coached, but the lasting legacy of Luke Johnson continues, as does the benefits of their middleschool feeder programs.
We’re now 2 – MANY against Churchill, having lost, conservatively 8-15 times to them over the past 8 years, often by loads.

Dinner at a local restaurant, crowded in , ate some burgers, and watched the first half of the Mavs-Sonics (sic) game. Went back to camp, and everyone got some much needed sort of rest on the ground.

Game 5) Grant HS 10-3.
Historically, we warm up haphazardly, with various athletes skipping the run, skipping out to go do ‘stuff’, dogging it in the drills. So, I made it clear that the warm ups and drills serve as performance cues, and that team mates who dog it, or skip, interfere with the team’s ability to achieve game level focus. The rule was, miss the workout, you do not play today. Normal warm up of drills, and one possession short field scrimmages vs either man or zone. Our game got cleaner and cleaner, but we were still failing to face the mark, failing to break the mark, etc. But the offense was cleaning up with every passing game, and we were using everyone of our 19 players.

Game 6) Sheldon
9-5. We traded points, and gave Sheldon a lead. Or they took it. Their game was smooth and polished, and they took advantage of our miscues. We tightened the rotation up, the offense cleaned up a little more, and we closed it out.

Game 7) We got permission from the TD and agreement from South and started early. The South Coach served as the official time keeper, announcing soft and hard caps. This was our game of games.

We talked about confidence vs overconfidence, anticipation vs anxiety, and trusting the plan. We knew it would be hard, as South has not lost a State game in as long as I can remember. Beyond that I don’t remember them being challenged in a game. They were loose and confident, but not cocky. Our team was pumped and motivated, and Mario showed some senior leadership taking the team on a pregame jog. In throwing everyone seemed loose. Good sign.

We scored first on a long throw to a wide open Sammi Jones. But South answered back. But tellingly, I think we had a ‘d’ in that point. South scored again to make it 2-1 South. Shades of past debacles were there, but something was different. The ‘d’ was a bit tighter, there was no nervousness, and the miscues were not bad decisions or over reaching types. I put in my all-star line up to even the score…. And after throwing 15 smart passes, they made a dumb error, and South scored in 2 passes. Down 3-1, I left them in, they scored quickly and efficiently, and the game was afoot.

We made no adjustments. We were playing as well as we could. We'd made huge strides just since the beginning of the tournament. Mario and Andy were cautious and active, moving the disc side to side and looking up field. They took very few risks, but were not tentative. A Good mix. Luke, Tanner and Andrew were locking down on 'd', and making big gains on the cutting. The girls were everywhere, catching goals, throwing goals, keeping the drives alive, and making block after block.

Our SIDELINE was ENGAGED, communicative, and supportive, making us seem even larger than our 20 person squad.

Our ‘D’ line converted to make it 3-3, and then, shocker, we took the lead. Against South. In the finals. Things were clicking: Our handlers were getting lateral movement across the midline. Our downfield cutters were active. Our girls were everywhere, getting blocks, making tough grabs. And the relatively low numbers and youthful players South brought might have been showing fatigue. To a great extent, everything possible went our way, and enough went against South to catch them at the wrong time.

We have never executed our offense better.
Kids made clutch grabs with excellent pressure.
We made very few ‘bad decisions’
We had very few physical errors.
We were well rested because of our deep bench.
And, frankly, when it was time to get lucky, we did.

Summit wins. 13-10. I suspect the Axemen will be coming Heavy to single gender. I’ve seen them when they bring the hammer. And likewise, I suspect their talented girls team will be out for blood, er, sap, when they face our girls.

Congrats to all the teams at Mixed States. Thanks to South for a great game. I must say, they have always been gracious in victory, and they were no less gracious in a rare defeat. Says a lot about them.

Game notes: Tanner's downfield cutting kept many a drive alive, making key grabs with #25 on him like a backpack. Likewise, the girls were tough as nails in cutting and throwing. The girls may have had 0 turnovers for the game, while racking up numerous goals and assists. Obviously, our seniors played great all weekend, but the future looks bright with Luc, Tanner, and Andrew racking up big time playing time on offense and defense. Throw in Braedon "The Wolverine" Petrus, and the future looks bright.

I wish I had video of our first outdoor practice for the team to compare your performance. From 6 possession huck and hope points, to throwing 10 passes on the goal line before selecting the best option to score it. Bueno.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm so very proud of you. Playing any sport is emotional, physical, and competitive. And at every stage of the weekend, you rose up. The fun of camping, and playing, is met by the stress of sleeping on the ground, playing teams that play YEAR ROUND, and facing physical and mental stress.

At every challenge, you rose up. You met the requirements. You surpassed them.

I'm proud, and honored to be your coach.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


staying at benton oaks rv park
games at crystal lakes
bring food money, camping money. $20/per night for 4 person tent (total)

we've gotta big team.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ultimate frisbee = pwn



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

coed state.

who's going?
who's driving (parents).
no drivers, no tournament. can't be helped that it's so close to westerns.

2 days, corvallis, similar schedule to last weekend, should be same camping....
lower key event, just oregon teams, we'll take 1 team, and maybe 2 IF and only IF I get parents who can drive, and a minimum of 10 girls.

The event is coed, 4 boys, 3 girls on the field at a time.
If it goes to 5-2, I'll revise the requirement for us to split into 2 teams.

still dominating the photo galleries... summit

sunday girls write up.

...and a photo of sammi blowin' up!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

suns out

suns out
guns out

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

westerns. the biggest thing ever.

last things: bring your shirts to practice tomorrow:
we're going to spray numbers on.

which brings us to:
andy archer is coming by to get money to go buy stencils and spray paint. we'll do it at practice. no chosen numbers unless they are big numbers. (and i want 42 unless you do).
girls and guys can have same number, just no 2 guys, no 2 girls.

no fighting, but if you want to rochambo, yes.

you guys and gals are awesome.


got a ride?
know we're camping?

got black shorts?
got your shirts?

Monday, May 09, 2011


website link: http://www.usaultimate.org/competition/youth_division/regional_hs_championships/westerns/default.aspx

browse around with links.

we are campiing HERE.

at the benton county fair campgrounds. tent camping, and hot showers. directions and phone number at links

call them if you are RV camping.

hook ups available.

games start at 9 on saturday,
and sunday depending on which bracket we are in.
assume 830.

boys and girls.

For the 'Prom' bunch, leave when you have to, but check the schedule to see what you'll be missing.
No kid drivers, be safe.

If you owe money, pay up.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

here... we... go...

tuesday: games agains bend. they have 2 teams. if i can get mvhs to show up, we'll split into 3.
westerns: i'm calling every house this week. I need.
1) who wants to play, so i have the numbers to tell players their playing time situation so they can decide if they want to pay the player fee, or just go to hang and camp and watch.
2) who's driving: if your family is driving, you're on the team. done. preference is then given to seniority, attendance, skill, etc.
i'd like everyone to play. every girl is on the team.
3) numbers: we're going to stencil numbers. we'll have a numbering party wednesday night, parent meeting, and final get together.
4) you pay the $30 westerns player fee to me. your dues are part of your membership. you'll get a newsletter, and other schwag from the usaultimate governing body.
5) see prior post (below) and self register. give me your upa id # and i'll cut a check for dues for westerns.
6) AWESOME job today. you are the best summit frisbee team ever. fight the doldrums, power through the long season, and you'll have fun memories to last a lifetime.

the first player to see me tomorrow will (along with Tyler, who got it first last time) receive a westerns disc from me. I'd suggest you buy one. Tyler, and tonights winner, should buy one, and have the entire team sign your disc as a memory. Trust me. I still have mine from 1997 worlds, signed by my atlanta team mates. Cool.

the winners of the occasional 'drawings' will all be entered into the group ro-cham-beaux (rock paper scissors) and the winner will chose from my custom summit tie-dye (sick) my size large #42 sockeye jersey from our 3rd in nationals, a disc of your choice, or a prize to be named later.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

need roster information.

link here immediately

Go online, and fill this form out.

I'll Take a check to Westerns.

you will need to pay your player fee down the road $30 -- westerns players only.
if you have not partivcipated in fundraising, and want to, you could pay your own upa dues.
if not, see me tomorrow.

Friday, April 29, 2011


mon, in gym.
tues, outside, nice.
thurs, mt view cancelled, but a stellar scrimmage.
friday, schtick and mini, the links are to the rules.
super fun today, great good time. this old guy is beat up.

notes on rules: we're making some changes to speed up play and stop stalling...
2 discs, no bounds (we can make generic boundaries)
-start with a kickoff.
-on a score we have another kickoff (this is new)
-you are only 'taggable' when you have the frisbee in your hand.
-if tagged, you just have to drop the frisbee
-the disk just has to end up in the box. it can slide in.
-interference is a goal (interference is touching a disc in the box, or touching a disk NOT on your side)
-i'll keep working on this...

notes on mini;
we're not going to go with stall from anywhere (official)
but, we are discouraging foul calls (but not encouraging fouling)

plan on games every day.
if you are a player, start playing.
we're outside every day unless otherwise posted.
dress accordingly. next week promises glorious weather.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clip of Day.

These guys beat themselves up. One of the best teams in the world Bunka Shutter Buzz Bullets. They all get jobs at this one giant company in Japan.

video HERE.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

41 Days.

And only 24 til' westerns... Still need money.

Thursday: Looks Like we're in the Gym. I'll try to bring the ipod. Please bring your outside clothes everyday though.

Throw, with individual coaching as I can. Til 3:15
Review practice order 3:20
Warmup 3:30
Skipper drill. You all want to throw skippers, now I'll teach you the right way (Teaches how to angle a disc)3:35
Marking Drill (Should know, will be new to a few)3:45
4 Corners drill if there is room (This will be new for a few of you)3:55
Endzone Offense (refine)3:10
Half court endzone scrimmages. 4:30
Mini Games, focusing on marking one way, pause on turn over to stack and set defense.
Done at 5.

Friday: Looks glorious. 55 sunny, light wind. Bring Light, Dark, Water, food. AND PLEASE BRING A LONGSLEEVE. Helps with throwing to keep your arms warm.

Saturday: Anyone want to play a full game to 15, two even teams? If I have 20 players sign on, we'll do it. Should be 57, and partly sunny.

Portland is rained out
Before westerns maybe next weekend-- Could we get drivers for an early release next friday? Leave at 1, and in Eugene?
Tentatively games vs Bend and MVHS next Thurs!

LINK OF THE DAY. Catch by my old team mate Andrew Fleming. First person to mention this to me tomorrow gets a prize.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Fundraiser Reminder.
Ski waxing by donation:
3015 NW Meldrum Ct
On Awbrey Butte. Coordinate with a friend or two about some stuff to throw on the barbie. If you got some skis need waxing bring them! Go talk to your friends and family! I'll bring a projector and a frisbee video to play. 2000 national finals, Santa Barbara Condors v. Vancouver (BC) Furious George.

What's the expected donation: well up to you. Tuning alpine skis takes more time. You're going to get a product as nice as any shop. Waxing will include base cleaning and a multi temperature wax. Basic mini tunes of alpine skis are no problem as well. If you have specific requests, include them!

Nice Practice. Lots of new concepts, introduced, assimilated, and implemented. I have high hopes for thurs, fri practice! No new concepts, just throwing practice, and a hard fought force forehand scrimmage.

Monday, April 18, 2011


approach and footwork
shots of him pulling

this guy has lots of great tips.


Ski Waxing Fundraiser and Team Get together
Wednesday April 20th 5- 7 or 8.
Plan something to grill, bring some stuff, organize it with some friends.

Get some nordic or classic skis from family or neighbors that need them waxed.
Bring them. Get instructions on what they want done. Professional Quality wax and mini tunes available. Donations will fund the team. If you just want them waxed and scraped, let us know. If you'd rather have us get your skis ready for PPP, let us know.

Make it happen team!
Check back here. I'll have the address up Monday night.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a guarded success.

the girls work is easy to celebrate: playing 5 girls against 5 guys, in any sense is a plus. we still have tons to work on, but thanks to coach Justin (thank you Justin) we have shared vocabulary, game experience, and an understanding.

the boys played our best game ever against south, but it was too intense, and we were unable to sustain. finishing games will be our theme. down 15-0 we will finish. up 15-0 we will finish.

focus on that.

we will focus next week on THE MARK, HOLDING THE MARK, BREAKING THE MARK, and finding our roles. It is a statement of fact: our top 8-9 can play with anyone. But as we saw this weekend, our team is defined by 15. We will develop our game such that it uses all 15-22 players. Find your role, find your niche. Hit the open throw. Break the Mark:

Success: We pushed deep, kept the line clear, played out of our mind 'd'.
Things to work on: Move the disk sooner, hit the short throws, and finish the game.

Also: Please, I hope you get that anything I tell you comes from experience, and a desire for you to win: from this weekend: bring a polypro top and bottom. face the mark. break the mark.

We will get better. You will be awesome.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

49 days.

7 weeks. That's it. And much less until our 2 biggest tournaments.

Tonight was the parent meeting. A few parents there, highlighting our need for communication.

This weekend is the 541 invite. In Eugene. Leaving tennis courts at 7:15 am SHARP. Here are directions.

As of tuesday, we should have enough drivers. But, no guarantees. Coach Justin and I are the only guaranteed passengers who don't bring their own coaches.

So, sign up your parents, and I'll see you friday at practice at the tennis courts for a final count.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

55 days?

-practice thursday, in the gym, but i'll still go to tennis courts until 3:05
-practice friday, meet in parking lot. probably stay at summit, as baseball is away.
-upcoming fundraiser: waxing of skis. you will be responsible for finding one person who wants their skis waxed. bring them to me and rich gross (matt's dad) at his house. we'll play a dvd of frisbee, maybe have a grill going, and need a little help from the experienced. you will watch movies, hang out, eat, and help clean up. if you know how to wax and tune, chip in.

we'll wax and tune alpine skis, wax skate skis, and you will need to return them then next day or two, which will require a little bit of driving around by you. you will need to collect the donation.

price: by donation, should be 10-20 bucks per, depending on what is going on. that is as good or cheaper than any shop. i'll have flyers that you then rubber band to the skis with what they want done. I hope to make several hundred dollars from this.

-your $50 dollar dues are due. we get no money from the school, or anything. your coaches are volunteers. this is the best deal in town. PAY UP!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

57 days.

wednesday you're on your own, althought mario is trying to organize some pickup.
thursday and friday, meet at courts, and we'll decide based on the weather.
spring will be here eventually.

Monday, April 04, 2011


current schedule
april 16-- single gender games in eugene, or here.
april 23-- single gender, or we'll play co-ed against pdx teams
may 14/15 westerns-- the big deal: teams from seattle, oregon, cali, colorado, minnesota, kansas, missouri, louisiana.
mayb 21/22 coed states. attendance, and abillity will determine 'a' 'b' and 'c' teams
june 4/5 single gender coed states: determines our qualifier for next years 'westerns'

Friday, April 01, 2011

Westerns Teams

Welcome to the big leagues:
I'm also going to try to schedule a game for our girls against a college team or two before states. and local club players.

High School Westerns Boys
alameda community, CA
berkely high, CA
monarch high colorado
wichita HS east kansas
catholic high school louisiana
hopkins high, minnesota
la due horton watkins, missouri
franklin (seattle)
lakeside, seattle,
nathan hale, seattle
bush school, seattle
nw school, seattle

High School Westerns girls
Franklin, WA
Lakeside, WA
Nathan hale, WA
Roosevelt, Wa
Seattle Academy
Bush School, WA
NW School, WA

performance cues.

with a huge team, we're all going to have to fight distractions at practice. and even at tournaments. i'd like to introduce the concept of a performance cue. this is not clap once, clap twice stuff. this is, how do i immediately find focus.

the idea is to tie a physical motion to the mental cue to focus. this could be:

when i go into the field, i'll grab some dirt and grass, and hopefully some chalk, rub it on my hands, and clap. hands are now sticky, and mind is focused.

in the nba, count how many guys wait to tie their short drawstrings RIGHT when they step on the court.

pound the ground when you start your point.

take your hat off. fix it, put it on and go to work.

clap your hands together and say, LETS GO

tuck your shirt in.

pound your shoulders.

come up with your own

Thursday, March 31, 2011

66 days and counting.

Here is a link put together form the good old days? the teams in the last few points are NYNY, who won 5 straight from the late 80's to early 90s vs Boston, who would then go on to win 6 straigh. In all seriousness, please don't spike against your opponents. It's generally discouraged in HS play.

The first tournament is April 16. It's a one day tourney at this point: There may be opportunity to stay over, play one game on Sunday, and participate in a well run clinic from ECU ultimate. Talk to your parents NOW about driving.

Again, the current schedule is 4/16, 4/23, 5/14&15, 5/21&22 (Coed states, Prom will apparently hurt us, but we'll take a team), and June 4/5 (Possibly a one day). Working to fill the schedule. I can probably Get us 2 games on any saturday, or even a 2 game play on an early release wednesday. We will also have games against Bend (for sure) and hopefully MV.

Team expectations at this point:
Basic understanding of Forehand, and Backhand, if not expertise.
Ability to run trident and gladiator drills with some consistency.
Some minor idea of our 'Center Stack Formation.'

Goals for the following week:
Understanding of our basic 2 endzone plays.
Understanding of our basic sequence offense, and our 'standard' play.
Abillity to participate in the huck/comeback option drill.

Please come to 2 practices per week, so that you know have some grasp of these drills as we move forward.

Team Management notes:
Your dues are due. 50 dollars. I'm ordering shirts now, 2 cotton tshirts, one white, one kelley green. We'll iron on numbers for state.
Get some plain black shorts.
Bring a light, a dark, water, and a bite to eat to every practice.
Bring tights to wear under your uni, or sweats for over for all chilly days.
Best to bring running shoes for warmups, or to have for indoor if particulary bad weather, and spikes for cutting drills and scrimmage.
I'd rather you only come 2x per week, and give 100 percent then, than come every day, and not be inspired.

I''m excited for the year, the team, and the sport.
I hope you are too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

68 days and counting.

...and even less till our big tourneys. I'm still waiting to here from USAU on westerns.

Here is what I know.
April 16th, games, in probably Corvallis, Maybe Eugene (Working on Fields and schedule)
April 17th: Tentative Frisbee clinic in Corvallis. We can combine the two, but it makes for more complicated driving for Parents.

April 23rd: PDX mini tourney. Details to follow.

May 14/15 Westerns. Applications in. Waiting invite.
May 21/22 High School Coed Championships. We will carry 2 or 3 teams to this.

June 4/5 High School Single Gender Championships.

Weekly matches vs. MVHS and Bend TBD.

Link of the day. Backhand video.

Thursday, March 24, 2011



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Travel Schedule

Tournament Schedule.

April 3rd (sunday) or 9th (saturday): vs. South Eugene at South Eugene. Possibly Sheldon Also.

April 16th: Coed Scrimmage vs Crescent Valley. 4 pm. Depart summit 12:30 pm. Arrive 3:15. Warm Up and play. Lodge with houses. Need drivers.

April 17th: Clinic with EmeraldCityUltimate.org
HS and MS Clinic taught by great guys. Great chance to meet other players. Perhaps see a scrimmage between UO and Portland Club team Rhino Slam. Need Parent Drivers, Volunteers.

April 23 (Tentative) Open scrimmage vs Portland teams. If we don't arrange to play against girls there, we WILL play Co-ed against them.

may 14th and 15th. Westerns. Awaiting invite. Big deal. Boys Team. Girls Team. Premier West coast tournament. No guarantees we're in. Need Parent Drivers, Volunteers.

May 21 and 22. Coed-States. Probably 2 teams. Maybe 3. Need Parent Drivers, Volunteers.

June 4. Single Gender States. Qualifier for next years Westerns.