Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to OH-10!

Frisbee Meeting


Short Video Intro:
'Above and Beyond'

See Calendar
Practice Location will either be at Summit (For Training) or At Skyliner Park (For scrimmage).
Discuss Communication

$ 50 (We may need more for specific events, for bus rides, etc, but I'll try to keep it as inexpensive as possible)

Light and Dark shirt (For scrimmage sides)
Running Shoes and Cleats
Water and Snack
Frisbee (We have practice discs, but it’s sort of useful to throw on your own time)

Weather Policy
Bring Warm Clothes
In early season, we may replace practice with conditioning and indoor throwing.

Tues, Wednesday, Thursday, (Friday?)
Considering optional Friday Conditioning Day.

Games and Tournaments
Weekly, vs Bend and Mt. View, beginning after spring break. Tentatively Wednesday, Discuss.
April: Portland, Date, TBD
May: Corvallis, Coed and Boys/Girls. Dates on Calendar.

Luke Smith:
Social Studies Teacher
20 years of play in College and Club at all levels of Ultimate Frisbee
6 Years Coaching Summit High Frisbee
Also Coaches Nordic Skiing, And XC Running

Jeff Remiker
Design Tech Teacher
7 years College and Club experience