Friday, May 30, 2014

this one's for you scott!

WESTERNS: TEAM: Be at fields 745 for our games (directions below). It will take you 10 minutes to walk to our fields.



TRAVEL: PARENTS, get your kids to the fields. We have parents/ chaperones for the camping ($5 per night, per kid, hot showers). We have ample seats, contact if you need a ride. Our understanding is that School Policy is that kids may not drive themselves. If parents are admamant that they really want their kid to drive, the activity office is your one stop shop for policies and paperwork.

 $$ - $5 per night for camping, dinner friday, dinner sunday, anything you want beyond field food. gas $ for your driver.

Friday, May 09, 2014

waiver and release

if you missed practice, waiver and release to be allowed to play in usau ultimate tournament tomorrow

Friday, May 02, 2014

Directions to Corvallis Tournament

Fields are at Crescent Valley HS, address 4444 NW Highland Drive, Corvallis OR, 97330; link to google map with directions from downtown Corvallis. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

keep it up!

Taylor is organizing Ultimate or Goaltimate at Harmon at Noon Tomorrow.
Great week of practice.  See y'all monday.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Thursday Practice Cancelled; Conditioning

  • With 43 MPH winds, we're mixing it up today.
  • Meet in the commons after school for conditioning and strength.  No throwing, some running and strength and core.
  • You'll need running shoes.  

  • We'll keep it short.

  • Tomorrow, back on track in what promises to be a warm sunny day with little to no wind.
Looks like our first tournament will be in Bend, April 5th.   Set your calendar.  I'll know for sure today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tuesday Update.

Great job TEAM!  Super Fun start to the year.  Couple notes: bring me your EMAIL in class

Pasta Feed on Tuesday March 11, 2014 after practice.  Check back tomorrow (wednesday) for specific TIME That meal will start, when to have food.  We will meet, and eat, and then break out for brief chat with girls with Coach Christina, Boys with me… Basically, what are your goals, etc.

Last names:
A - F : Pasta
G - L: Salad
M - R: Dessert

S - Z: Bread

Follow the link below to give me jersey size, t-shirt size, preferred number.  Jerseys (reversible) run big.  T-shirts run normal.

Known Tournaments.  Most are 2 days.  6-8 games each.  Will possibly have some one day tournament(s) in early April.

UO Reigning National Champs Girls Clinic THIS SATURDAY; MUST REGISTER BY TOMORROW!  Highly recommended. (see flyer below).

Early April Tournament : TBD
Team Intramural schedule : TBD
  • April 26-27, Spring Reign, Seattle
  • May 10/11, Coed, Bend, Pine Nursury
  • May 17/18, Single Gender, Eugene, Ascot Fields.
  • May 31/june 1, Westerns

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Practice Starts Monday, March 3rd.

Practice, Monday March 3rd, at Skyliner Fields (near the middle school).
Students are responsible for their own transportation -- there is no bus, we are an unfunded club, and we simply are unable to get field space at summit.

Traditionally the team meets at the tennis courts to carpool. 
We have a lot of freshmen, on the team, who don't drive, so parents, if find out from your kids who their ride is if you're worried about it, or work out something with another parent. 

Bring clothes that will keep you warm enough for conditions.
CLEATS are really useful -- it's sort of not fun without them.
If the fields are open, and conditions are safe, we practice. 
Unsafe is lightning; and a certain secret combination of rain, cold and wind, and kids without enough clothes.  So bring clothes.  Long sleeve polyester shirt, sweatpants, a tobbaggin hat, maybe some thin gloves...

If you're sick, stay home.  If you have too much studying to do, study. 

Practice is done by 5:00 sharp everyday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

frisbee stuff
jersey size etc.

pay online through school website now.