Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday Tournament

We leave Sunday at 7:00 from summit.

Make sure you go to the upa website, download the waiver, and sign it (if you've not already).

Map and directions

What to bring.

Water / Water bottle (there is a fountain there, but it is a bit from fields)
White Shirt/ Black or Green shirt
Snack (there should be stuff there, but)
Gas Money for your driver
Paperwork (individual UPA waiver for trip, link above)
Dinner money (fast food, subway, whatever).

Yeah team go.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

What you should know at this point.

Basic: Forehand and Backhand, Proper pivoting,
Intermediate: Above, plus, understanding of multiple release points
Advanced: Above, with mastery

Basic: Footwork, basic cuts
Intermediate: Above, integrated into field space
Advanced: Above, with mastery

Basic: general positions and roles
Intermediate: understanding of a specific role
Advanced: Multiple zones (not yet introduced)

Euro Offense (1)
Basic: basic concepts

Basic: The mark
Intermediate: The mark and positioning
Advanced: Switching

See below for schedule

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Central Oregon Schedule

April 10: Possible Zone clinic with Luke @ Summit

April 13: Central Oregon HS Mixed Scrimmage @MV
Come see Summit Take on Mt. View, Churchill (2 teams), Bend, and Sisters

April 18:
Summit @ Sisters
Bend @ MV

April 20/21 - SPRING REIGN Burlington, WA - This has a HS, 9th Grade, 8th, 7th, 6th, and elementry age divisions. There will be close to or more than 75 juniors teams there. Churchill is sending a 9th grade and JVish team along with our Kennedy MS and Roosevelt MS teams. I believe South Eugene and Crescent Valley are attending (Sheldon is unknown). This is all mixed division and information on bids can be found at

April 25:
Sisters @ MV
Bend @ Summit

OHSUR - April 28/29 - Eugene, OR - This is for the Open/Girls Division and thus might not be what any of you guys are interested in as I assume you're all working with your players in a Mixed format. But, if you're interested in forming either an open (boys) or girls team, please let me know. One idea I had was to see if you guys were willing to form a single Bend girls team and open team. I have a huge opinion on the value of open/girls play, but I don't want to fill this email with that rant.

May 2:
Bend @ Sisters
Summit @ MV

May 16:
Summit @ Bend
MV @ Sisters

May 23:
Sisters @ Summit
MV @ Bend

OHSUC - May 19/20 - Corvallis, OR - This is the one you all need to be at. If there was one tournament to head to this spring, this would be the one as it is the longest running Oregon tournament and also functions as our state tournament for the Mixed Division.

May 30:
Sisters @ Bend
MV @ Summit

June 9 (possibly 10) (Tentative) Central Oregon Championships/ Open tournament.