Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Trucker Hats on Way. You know as much as I do.
We will practice friday. I'll try to find someone to video from stands. Bring your full uniform.
We'll talk about video before state games.
Please bring your 'A' game. We'll be calling subs, at least in our pods for this game.

Here is a well edited video of DIV III nationals that just occurred, claremont vs. st. johns.
The game is a little ratty, and higher camera angles are better. But the editing is tight, the calls are subtitled in, and

Here is a lower resolution video of CU vs. Brown
Better athletes, and I think one of the 3OH3 guys is on CU (really).

This was on CSTV, a CBS subsidiary. The production values are higher (if rez is lower).
Brown tends to run VERT, CU Horizontal stack. Both teams can run both stacks. Both teams have athletes who were playing on high level club teams.

Part 2
Note that Brown is running a lot of 'Split Stack'. Handlers are 3 accross (like a Horizontal Stack), but downfield cutters are vert.

Our goals:
lateral movement with our handlers, (0,1,a) gaining as much ground as possible while moving disc accross.
threatening cuts by 2,3,B,C going deep, and cutting under, reflecting drills we've worked on.
conservative decision making, and huge effort by cutters to give throwers best looks.

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