Thursday, March 31, 2011

66 days and counting.

Here is a link put together form the good old days? the teams in the last few points are NYNY, who won 5 straight from the late 80's to early 90s vs Boston, who would then go on to win 6 straigh. In all seriousness, please don't spike against your opponents. It's generally discouraged in HS play.

The first tournament is April 16. It's a one day tourney at this point: There may be opportunity to stay over, play one game on Sunday, and participate in a well run clinic from ECU ultimate. Talk to your parents NOW about driving.

Again, the current schedule is 4/16, 4/23, 5/14&15, 5/21&22 (Coed states, Prom will apparently hurt us, but we'll take a team), and June 4/5 (Possibly a one day). Working to fill the schedule. I can probably Get us 2 games on any saturday, or even a 2 game play on an early release wednesday. We will also have games against Bend (for sure) and hopefully MV.

Team expectations at this point:
Basic understanding of Forehand, and Backhand, if not expertise.
Ability to run trident and gladiator drills with some consistency.
Some minor idea of our 'Center Stack Formation.'

Goals for the following week:
Understanding of our basic 2 endzone plays.
Understanding of our basic sequence offense, and our 'standard' play.
Abillity to participate in the huck/comeback option drill.

Please come to 2 practices per week, so that you know have some grasp of these drills as we move forward.

Team Management notes:
Your dues are due. 50 dollars. I'm ordering shirts now, 2 cotton tshirts, one white, one kelley green. We'll iron on numbers for state.
Get some plain black shorts.
Bring a light, a dark, water, and a bite to eat to every practice.
Bring tights to wear under your uni, or sweats for over for all chilly days.
Best to bring running shoes for warmups, or to have for indoor if particulary bad weather, and spikes for cutting drills and scrimmage.
I'd rather you only come 2x per week, and give 100 percent then, than come every day, and not be inspired.

I''m excited for the year, the team, and the sport.
I hope you are too.

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