Friday, April 29, 2011


mon, in gym.
tues, outside, nice.
thurs, mt view cancelled, but a stellar scrimmage.
friday, schtick and mini, the links are to the rules.
super fun today, great good time. this old guy is beat up.

notes on rules: we're making some changes to speed up play and stop stalling...
2 discs, no bounds (we can make generic boundaries)
-start with a kickoff.
-on a score we have another kickoff (this is new)
-you are only 'taggable' when you have the frisbee in your hand.
-if tagged, you just have to drop the frisbee
-the disk just has to end up in the box. it can slide in.
-interference is a goal (interference is touching a disc in the box, or touching a disk NOT on your side)
-i'll keep working on this...

notes on mini;
we're not going to go with stall from anywhere (official)
but, we are discouraging foul calls (but not encouraging fouling)

plan on games every day.
if you are a player, start playing.
we're outside every day unless otherwise posted.
dress accordingly. next week promises glorious weather.

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