Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Travel Schedule

Tournament Schedule.

April 3rd (sunday) or 9th (saturday): vs. South Eugene at South Eugene. Possibly Sheldon Also.

April 16th: Coed Scrimmage vs Crescent Valley. 4 pm. Depart summit 12:30 pm. Arrive 3:15. Warm Up and play. Lodge with houses. Need drivers.

April 17th: Clinic with
HS and MS Clinic taught by great guys. Great chance to meet other players. Perhaps see a scrimmage between UO and Portland Club team Rhino Slam. Need Parent Drivers, Volunteers.

April 23 (Tentative) Open scrimmage vs Portland teams. If we don't arrange to play against girls there, we WILL play Co-ed against them.

may 14th and 15th. Westerns. Awaiting invite. Big deal. Boys Team. Girls Team. Premier West coast tournament. No guarantees we're in. Need Parent Drivers, Volunteers.

May 21 and 22. Coed-States. Probably 2 teams. Maybe 3. Need Parent Drivers, Volunteers.

June 4. Single Gender States. Qualifier for next years Westerns.

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