Monday, June 27, 2011

The only name that matters... the name on the front.

'All-State' and 'Coach of Year' voting is up.
We should have all our girls, and all our boys.
And Justin is only listed on the 'open' coaching list...
In a perfect world, I'd vote you all. And I will!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coed city league, etc.

i'm not in charge of city league play, but i do work on the BendUltimate board to make it a product that grows frisbee in bend. It was great to see Foley, Tyler, Andy, Braedon, Archer out there not just competing, but DOMINATING. The more you play, the better your game: But always remember: Do it right. And I got to say, the Summit Frisbee players looked like the savviest lot out there.

Summit: Thursday and friday this week on the baseball diamond. Think there are some UO girls showing up (one, Tina Schueler is a UO captain, and Storm alum). We're continuing the 'camp' mindset this week, even if it's just to build for next year.

Next week, and here after is tuesday thursday on the turf. There will be 2 days in july that we have to find another field. I'm looking into it: Summit is reconditioning all Grass, and the turf is booked then. Stay tuned. I think it's the week of July 11.

All juniors are allowed to play in the league: You will need to be either UPA current (which most of you are) or pay an additional fee. At this point, I"m probably not available for late season league, but I'll make sure to work to get you on 'the right team.'

game of day:
UCSB vs UO Girls

Monday, June 20, 2011

come on!

week plan:
i'll be there tues, wed, thurs, fri. 830 am every day.
we'll have additional coaching by UO girls a couple days.
come play. we're on the GRASS, not the turf this weekend.
it'll be a mix of novice and experienced.
come make next years team as good as this years was.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

nextgen ultimate tour, game of day

Great opportunity in PORTLAND on July 11 to clinic with some of the great young talent of today.
These guys are current or recent college graduates, with significant College and Club experience.

Here's the link.

If you played at states, or westerns, you should be good to go, minus the 20 dollar fee.

swedish national finals. in swedish. great camera work

game of the day.

2011 colorado vs. pitt semifinal, USAUltimate College nationals...

13 out for frisbee today.
skills and drills, mini game, hucking practice.
tanner stuck around for weights... he's all yoked now.

next week, 'mini camp.' stay tuned. for details...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


low turnout today, but still got in some awesome throwing and games of hotbox and mini.
bring a friend, and see you thursday at 830 am SHARP!

Friday, June 10, 2011

clear eyes. full heart. ballin' lids. can't lose.

great season.
tuesday and thursday at the football field or on the grass. 8:30 am. i'll keep the weight room open if you want to lift. bring white, dark, water.
wednesday night at 6 p.m. if interested in city league.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thursday Banquet

Ultimate Frisbee Potluck!!!!!!!!!

A-H: Bring Beverages
I-P: Salads or Side Dishes
Q-Z: Dessert (and make sure it's good!)

Bring your own meat/main dish. We will fire up the BBQ.

Andrew Child's House
61527 SW Longview Street
Bend, OR 97702
(within site of Cascade Middle School but on the upper street in Westridge Subdivision)
From SHS: Mt Washington Dr. East. Right on Mountaineer Way (before you get to the Compass circle). Left on Westridge Avenue. Left on Longview Street. 7th House on Left (mountain side of street)

6 - 8ish pm

Summer League:
See me if you want to play.
Justin and I have a team with some returners, mainly summit alums, and some new players (y'all)

bbq address to follow. I should have a 7-10min highlight reel finished by then.
Couple awards...

Summer Friz: Tues and Thursday AM at 830. Everyone is welcome. We're having a mini camp with some UO june 21-24.
If you can commit to summerleague (all ages, wed night from 6-8) for late june to august, i'd love to have you.

Friday, June 03, 2011


Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 82. Calm wind becoming west southwest around 6 mph

Cook Park in Tigard

Boys at nine.
Girls at Noon.

click HERE

Bring your shirts, shorts, sunscreen, shade, water, etc.
don't forget your cleats.

Boys need to leave no later than 5.
Also: It's rodeo day in sisters. That may or may not be the fastest way there: Do not go home that way.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

News Flash

news flash:
girls at noon, ONE GAME, 2 HOURS.
It's basically for a westerns bid for next year.

i'll make the calls tomorrow.
guys will have a longer day.
we're all in it to win it.
throw a lot between now and then, and tomorrows practice will be hard.

warm up.
coed-half field drill.

short scrimmages:, games to 3
girls v. girls
boys going to state vs. me and justin and boys not going to state. (short games)

then, girls vs JV Boys zone practice
boys vs boys

then, co-ed,
short scrimmage.

i'd like to have a pasta party on saturday, and look at film.
Practice schedule, as always, will be modified based on attendance.

news and notes.

1 Day tournament:
Waiting on Schedule, But games are in Tigard.
Boys starting around 9, Girls around noon (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
Maps, to follow. I'll make calls.

2) Thursday's game is at summit on Baseball field.