Tuesday, May 08, 2012

never give up

ultimate on espn.  watch this.  and never give up.  pursue the frisbee like a hyperactive border collie.  and NEVER give up.  our game is not a spectator sport.   make yourself a highlight with every play.

this was #5 on espn's play of the day.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Tip of the day.

Today's tip: Being a positive team mate.
When you are on the field with a team mate, at a practice, or at a tournament, practice the life long lessons: be encouraging. If a team mate screws up: little secret: they probably know it. Encourage your team mate. I don't know if you saw the 'white team's' high five and positive reinforcement line in goaltimate today, but it helps. Support your team mates at all time. It will make them play better. Then we will win more.

A team sport carries the huge burden of letting others down when you screw up. If we make a mistake, we have to live with our own mistake, but also the heavier burden of letting our team mates down. You will be a better player and better team mate if you give a little energy to picking your team mates up. It is a good habit, and it will win us a game one day.

Along the same line: Don't bash on other teams. Yes, if they make a bad call, calmly ask them to explain their call. If you talk to them calmly, rationally, you have a chance of getting them to take it back. If you yell, forget about it. If you talk a ton of smack, you'll probably just get them angry. Sometimes this works. Probably not. We don't do this.

I'll allow you a little leeway here. We need more competitive scrimmages. Exhort (urge, advise) your scrimmage team mates to pick it up at practice. Always play games to get better, and then win. By all means, pick an opponent (abillity-buddy) and bet them this: +1 for a goal, +1 for an assist, +1 for a 'd', -1 for a turnover. The loser runs sprints. Or your each run 10 sprints for each -1 at the end of the day. Whatever. Push yourselves to get better. While lifting each other up.

But when in doubt, be nice. And then win the game.
 1 team to coed.

Saturday, May 05, 2012


We have 7 as of now.
Devin, Piper, Jaydra, Leah, Erin, Maddie Barrett, Kaitlynn Hickman!

Yay team.  We'll pickup a couple girls from the other teams (each girls team has a 'bye' or 'rest' round).

We have 2 games (girls) and 3 (boys) and we'll be on the road by 3 p.m.  Home before dark, with time to stop for a sandwhich.

y'all rally now

So, one car, and a few kids have bailed / are waffling.
So if you were at ALL thinking of driving, please do.
If your daughter (Especially: We're really short girls) is waffling, de-waffle-her. This is a good chance to show committment to her teammates/friends. I look silly if we don't have a team for a tournament, but it's a shame for the kids when we have to bail. Can't go is legitimate: but if we're at 'won't' or 'have some other things I'd like to do' can you parents give them a gentle nudge to help their team mates?

Girls: If you show up at 7 a.m. tomorrow, there is a guaranteed super secret reward! (That you'll get monday)
Hint: We're off to see the wizard! (No, It is not heart, brain, or flying monkeys).

Boys: I'll see what I can do.

Parents: We still have a tournament scheduled, leaving sunday may 6th from summit at 7 a.m. Returning by approximately 6 p.m. Boys have two games, girls have 3.

Forecast calls for 70 degrees, and sunny with no wind.

If you were waffling, and are now in, call, email or txt to let me know.


right now, I know of Devin, Piper, Jaydra, Leah, Kaitlynn, Maddie B. Just need 1 more, but more is better!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Portland Tourney

(link has maps, etc)

leave sunday at 7 am
back before dark.

i have some MORE paper work to sign for discnw (waiver, concussion info, driving directions, etc)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

sunday may 6

which girls are going to portland sunday, and have a ride?
which want to go and don't?
parents, can you go please?

kids, can you talk to your parents about this?
organizing rides is your responsibility.

no you may not drive yourself.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Setting our 'Rosters' for state and westerns
Zone Practice.
Set plays from our positions (cutters cut, throwers throw)
Goaltimate for fun and profit.

Great job at the car wash.  Super attendance and Pariticpation.  yay team.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

carwash sunday


Car wash is all set for this SUNDAY , APRIL 29.
please pass this info on to the kids:
TIME: 10 A.M.-4 P.M.
BRING: towel to dry with
             sign to advertise
              good attitude
What:    expect to stay 2-3 hours each
             get a morning shift and a pm shift


Tuesday, 4/24

Running Plays
Getting into Endzone
Endzone Scrimmage
Full Scrimmage

Sunday, April 22, 2012

let's go! team

Are you ready to get better? Boys: Come to practice. If you want an A and a B team, show that you want to be on the 'A' team by being at practice. Girls, you've tasted what playing better feels like. Come to practice, and let's get better, together. All: I appreciate that you have stuff going on. The request is two times per week. If you've been missing, a new week starts monday. Attendance is something for you: We get better, and you get better. I'm never mad if you can't come. I'm happy when you can. And we get better when you do. Go Storm

Great Job, yeah

Great Job team! Monday, we're going to work on the lessons of the weekend. -what do I need to do as an individual to improve? -what am I good at: and how can I maximize this to help the team? -what did we do as a team, 'that is good' and HOW can we get better at it -what did we do as a team, 'that we can improve on', and how can we improve on that. Thoughts from me: Who's good at scoring goals: Let's help them score more. Who's good at breaking the mark: lets work on that. Who's good at hucking? Let's work on that. I'll implement drills that work on these skills: We'll run them with everyone trying every position, then we'll run them with people in the positions that they are best at. I'm really proud of our efforts, and excited at the potential we are showing to improve further in the weeks to come. next tournament is May 6th, a sunday, in Portland. Similar format, probably see some different teams, and the Portland girls team, along with Corvallis, and South Eugene Girls. Boys will see some Portland teams.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be there Sunday at 930.

Kind of got the teams figured out.
We need all the boys, so that we have some subs. I don't want 9 person teams, but, I don't want a 20 person team, either.

Goaltimate tomorrow, among other things. Made the set tonight. See how it holds together.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yeah fun. And T-shirt winners.

We have a winner. Braedon wins the shirt for seeing the picture, and Maddie wins for seeing the beach camp suggestion.
Today we played goaltimate. A fun game that we'll be playing at least once a week. Imagine, 'half court basketball.' It is really good, as it provides opportunities for players regardless of how far you can throw, or how fast you can run. Our plan for the rest of the year is simple. Introduce one new concept a week, get better at throwing and catching, and play fun games. Hopefully in the SUN! See you monday.

Daily news

Sparse turnout at fundraiser, but we'll get it going.
A note: If practice is to be cancelled, I'll send an EMAIL, post to the BLOG, and put it on announcements/do an intercom announcement.

Today (Fri) Practice, meet at tennis courts. If attendance is light, we'll just stay.

If you want to be added to email list, see me at lunch.

Upcoming: April Tournament, see link to right.
3 Tournaments in may, May 6 tourney, then 2 'state' tourneys (single gender/coed).

Then in June, Westerns.

Keep coming out, it's just now starting to be good weather. We're not splitting A/B until mid may. Girls, we need as many of you as can come, as often as you can come.

Westerns planning meeting next tuesday. 5:20 in library.

And if you've been struggling to come because of school, weather, mr. thunder, please: don't sweat it. Good weather next week! Yeah.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Team PIC

Wanted to get a team pic. I know it's only half the team, so if you're not in it, we'll take another one next week. Just wanted something on the blog! Yeah summit. See you in the cold tomorrow! Dress warm. Leave if you get too cold. Next week will be super warm! Great pic, only 7 seniors! looks GREAT for this year, AND for the future. First kid to come to my room having seen the pic gets a last years shirt, white or green, your choice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's Go! Woo - hoo!

Update: I would consider a parent meeting in the next week or two, to talk about plan for westerns, talk fundraising, and any concerns that a parent would like on the agenda for the good of the group. If you have smaller, or specific questions, just call or email. If it's a small group that needs/wants to talk, we can just call it a planning committee and meet somewhere to assign some accountabillities.

modest turnout 4/10, but good total for the week. Remember the goal is 2 times per week. I have absolutely no concerns with attendance, but would always like a few more. We'll get a few more with more consistent attendance after thunder. We worked on Zone Monday, and reinforced our offense yesterday. We'll do one way force tomorrow, and scrimmage both days.

PRACTICE THURSDAY at skyliner -- meet at summit, leave at 3:04. It will be cooler, and damper, so wear polypro under your shorts and shirts, or sweats over them. Practice FRIDAY probably the same, but stay tuned as I keep an eye on weather. Next week looks warm and sunny! Yippee.

we'll take more pictures soon, but I'll get the team pic posted ASAP! If someone has time, and wants to bring a decent camera, I'll take a couple action shots while you scrimmage one day. NO rush.

ski fundraiser, mbsef, tomorrow., 5:55 pm.
go get skis, bring them there! cross country or downhill (cross country is better, takes less time/wax, but either way)
get a donation.

help me wax if you can! you can help somehow. should be plenty of room to knock it out.

parents drivers: any questions about paperwork for background checks, etc?
it does take time, so please get started.

I'll make some calls, personal emails, offer to help next week.

NEXT FUNDRAISER? I've talked to a couple parents, got a bit in the works, but keep hassling me, if you have an idea.

current teams for April 22nd tournament in bend.
I will TRY to get the bend bulletin out there.

South Eugene
Summit X
Summit y

MVHS/BSHS combo? -- I don't know if they'll have one, coed team, or a boys/girls split. They usually don't have many girls. When we play them in Matches (maybe at the tourney, and for sure in mid week games), we'll play coed if they don't have enough
(waiting to hear from grant, cleveland)

South Eugene

(Haven't heard from portland contingent)

Games at 10, location will be Summit or Pine nursery, depending on number of teams (I have both reserved, but pine nursery has more room), and I need a football field for each field.

Monday, April 09, 2012


Here is a video from Paganello, the biggest beach tournament in the world, held every year at Easter. Highlights from juniors (HS), coed, womens, mens. Looks AWESOME!

Want to do a beach camp and mini tournament this summer at beach? First player to come and say 'I WANT a BEACH CAMP' gets a new shirt (last years model). WE can do a camp at the beach this summer if I get enough kids, a parent or two to drive, and a a female chaperone. If you want, on a low turnout day, we can go play dutch or mini down at the sand pits at the river if you want some fun in the sand!

Sunday, April 08, 2012


This week.

We're going to skyliner all week (unless park and rec tells me otherwise). Meet at tennis court. If we don't have enough drivers, we'll stay at summit (it just means less field space, it's not the end of the world).

We're working on Zone defense monday and tuesday, and advanced man to man thursday and friday.

Picture day is still tuesday: unfortunately monday is the sunnier day. We can always take more later. Madison walker has volunteered to take some photos (assuming it works with her track schedule).

Frisbees are ordered, and should be here any day now: Note, If you want to donate to help with frisbees, send a check. If you want to buy a frisbee, please wait until they get here.

Friday, April 06, 2012


Meet at Gym, we'll see how the weather is, so be prepared for both.

Uniforms/Hats in my room. See me at Lunch if you weren't there.

Waxing fundraiser tentatively scheduled for next thursday at MBSEF.
-You go get friends neighbors family skis. Bring them. Help wax if you know how. Collect donation. Return Skis. I'll give a receipt if they need it for taxes. Probably be 5-8, next thursday, waiting to hear from Dan to confirm.

Double checking paperwork for drivers/etc. for Westerns.

next tournament is April 22nd in Bend, At either Summit or Pine Nursery (Depending on how many teams show).

Here is the schedule again.
Discs are ordered, they'll be early next week.

March 18th Corvallis 1 day
April 22 Bend 1 day
May 6 1 day in portland
May 12/13 Coed Corvallis
May 19 Boys/Girls Corvallis
June 2/3 Westerns in Salt Lake
Games against Bend/ Mt. View Starting ASAP, but probably Mid April.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

what's up, doc?

uniforms will be handed out at practice tomorrow.
barring some change in weather, the current plan is meet inside, throw, warmup, drill, hand out shirts, hats. don't ask if you haven't paid (not much of an issue, but there are one or two of you). (we'll do this another day if you can't be there).

then, after warmups, put on your warmer clothes (and bring thin gloves if you have them), we'll go outside and play games, scrimmage for an hour. forecast is 40, and medium/light wind.

picture day will be next week: I'm thinking tuesday, when it is to be mostly sunny and 61. Pictures will be will be both jerseys, and hats. we're only going to take the team picture if you have the uniform on. this is to frame and put in our trophy case. I'll try to get a decent camera, and or, the news staff photog.

Cascade Invite Tourney

What: Awesomeness
How: email luke.smith@bend.k12.or.us
When: 10 am Sunday, April 22ndf
Where: Pine Nursery Directions (From Sisters)

Who: (? indicates probable)
Summit Thunder
Summit Lightning
South AXE
MVHS/Bend HIGH Combo?



Cost: Free, bring your own food, water. (If you want, I can charge, and go get you some).

Working on a little press coverage. Let's give the press a nice looking product, etc.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

summer beach camp/tourney.

plan is a summer beach camp in seaside. tentative midweek dates july 17-18. if we do a weekend, i'm leaning to the 21/22 weekend. The week before is an 'adult' tournament. I'm also going to look into a beach where we could camp, but the idea would be a 3 day beach trip, with beach ultimate games in the morning, and an afternoon of swimming, playing, and evenings of movies, games. this is in the initial planning stages, so, i welcome feedback. I'd like to do a juniors tournament, so if the 21/22 of july works best for that... that would be plan. I'd prefer to do it where we could camp, to save money, but hotels are not too bad. Requirements would be parent involvement, kid interest.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Still showing up for practice.
Just a couple of us. But, we're showing up.
Hecker and Hickman win the shirts.
Emma Malmquist wins an extra hat for participation.

we don't have many more days in the gym.
but.BUT! If you have some songs, burn a CD.
Bring it to my room, I'll put it on my Ipod, and play it at practice.

Varied Genres, and Upbeat.
I like rap, regae, techno, pop.
But, I want a clean, mix. That is good. Whatcha GOT?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

live college ultimate all weekend


and no girls have claimed the free frisbee

Thursday, March 22, 2012

spring break OH12.

I've submitted bids for Westerns for Boys and Girls.

great little gym practice.
tomorrow in gym after school.
conceivably we could be outside, hopefully in gym, worst case we lift weights. Bring everything.

if i don't see you, next week 330 at school mon-friday.

i'm ordering some frisbees, that i'll sell to you at cost (think they are 5 or 6 dollars.
first BOY and GIRL to tell me they have seen this, that has their dues in (which is basically everyone) gets a free one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday NIGHT practice

Summit Frisbeteers,
We'll go at 7 p.m. thursday night, the gyms.
Can't see any fields being open, and the gyms are booked up with spring sports.
So go home and do your home work, and come back at 7. We'll go until 830.
Stay tuned for friday.
If you can't make it, go for a run or something, and lift weights (or pushups and situps).

Keep checking in on blog regarding spring break.
Tentatively planning for Mon-Friday, 4 pm at gym for indoor or outdoor throwing / drills / games, weather dependent.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

more opportunities.

From Justin:
I am willing to coach on Saturdays from 12:00-12:30 (Warm Up); then scrimmage Ryan/ Andy's squad from 12:30-1:30, for any SHS player that wants to get in a weekend session.
Plyo's, drill, mini, then play the other team.

Bring cleats, water, and a light/ dark to Harmon park.

We'll talk about this at practice. Ideally, we'd have 7 players (4 boys, 3 girls) who want some game competition. This would be invaluable.

keep checking th blog

We're still hampered by the rough springlike weather. With 40 mph winds and rain, we're having to use the gym. As 'the low team' on the totem pole, there is little we can do about when we get the gym. Please check your email daily. As soon as I know any changes to our schedule, I update the blog, send an email, and ask the main office to make an announcement.

I'll continue to do the best I can. At this point, practice is always monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday, but unfortunately, time and location are subject to weather, and field closures. You are not punished if the time change keeps you from coming, but I just want everyone to have every opportunity to play, and improve.
Luke Smith


practice at 7 pm at gym

Saturday, March 17, 2012

team: Opponent (round)

Summit plays: Bye (1); South y (2); South x (3); Cleveland (4); Sheldon (5)

Nothing else changes.
See you sunday AM at 6.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


boys first game at 830
girls at 10:10
leaving 600 am, going

bring, or have turned in event waiver
bring green and white shirts. change of clothes. warmups and warm stuff. thin gloves if you like. dry socks. polypro longsleeve to go under t-shirt. water bottle. special food needs (snacks there)

weather is decent. 50 and chance of showers.

Rounds Field 1
10:10- 11:30 1v2
11:50-1:10 1v3
Break- 1:10-1:40
1:40-3:00 2v3
3:20-4:50 OSU
Women’s (Field 1)

*OSU will be around
for a scrimmage or
scramble if there is

Women’s Captain Meeting 9:50

Rounds Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Bye
8:30-9:50 1v4 2v5 3v6 7
10:10- 11:30 4v7 2v3 5v6 1
11:50-1:10 6v7 1v3 4v5 2
Break- 1:10-1:40
1:40-3:00 1v5 2v4 3v7 6
3:20-4:50 1v7 2v6 3v4 (optional) 5
Open (Fields 2,3,4)
1. South X
2. South Y
3. Summit
4. Cleveland
5. Sheldon
6. McMinnville
7. Corvallis

Open Captain meeting: 8:15 am

Format: Games to 13  Hard cap at 80 minutes (No soft cap)
30 minute lunch break from 1:10-1:40

Waivers- Every player must have this filled out in ADVANCE Oregon State University is very strict and we will not allow a player to play without a waiver.

Chaperone- Every team is required to have a chaperone. This can either be a parent/guardian or coach

Location- Student Legacy Park, Corvallis Oregon 97331 (across from Dixon Recreation Center.)


gym. pickup flyer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

weekend tournament.

Weekend Plans.
Leave Summit at 600 am, sunday.
See me tomorrow, or be at practice thursday/friday to sign your discnw tournament waiver. No waiver, no play.

No one has told me they don't have a ride. Good job kids and parents. But I don't want anyone to miss the trip. Current schedule field location, etc.


Think we are at 14 boys, 10 girls, ish. Boys will play 3-4 games, girls 2-3.
Go team.

couple links of day

Expectations for Defensive Intensity are HERE

And for the Summit Girls, a little inspiration for you, there is a great video of the 2010 College Womens Championship - Oregon Fugue wins. A summit alum Christina Schuler is in it, and is now their captain. The video has a pg-13 soundtrack, so I'm emailing for a PG version.

In the mean time, here is UO vs University of Iowa. The other one is better. Go ducks.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thursday, March 08, 2012

game of the day.

Carleton vs. Pitt.
Semi finals of the Florida winter classic.
Here is the link.

we'll be inside this week (update)

friday, mar 9, outside.
at summit.

from here on out,
mon/tues thurs/fri
3-5. meet at tennis courts, then go to skyliner.

i will set up a communication protocol to determine (weather) if we stay at summit, indooors.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Friday, March 02, 2012

week 2 schedule

Practice thursday and Friday 3-5, outside, meet by the tennis courts.

Practice til further notice, 3-5, athletic fields, by the tennis courts.
We'll stay here when we can: We have fields at skyliner, but getting kids there might be hard.

It's on the agenda for the meeting tonight.
If you can't come to parent meeting contact me @ luke.smith@bend.k12.or.us

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Great Practice.
The team looks great. The first year players are picking things up very fast. The returners look incredibly polished for their first week. Things are looking great for a very good season start.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

link of the day

Cal Berkeley Highlights from Fall Sean Ryan Memorial Tournament in Santa Cruz, CA.
This field site is one of the best to play at in the country.
Check the views.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


DUES - $75
CLASSES--Keep your grades up. Must be a student in good standing progressing towards a degree. I'll consider seniors who have light course loads on a case by case basis.

March 18th Corvallis 1 day
April 21 or 22 Bend 1 day
May 6 1 day in portland
May 12/13 Coed Corvallis
May 19 Boys/Girls Corvallis
June 2/3 Westerns in Salt Lake
Games against Bend/ Mt. View Starting ASAP, but probably Mid April.

M,T,Th,F Discuss Wednesday.
Location: Meet in parking lot to transport freshmen to Skyliner. We'll stay here when we can. Or go indoors when we need to.

Dues $75
Fundraising TBA
Hats, Shirts

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Schedule of Events

Current Schedule

March 18th Corvallis 1 day. COMPLETE.
April 22 Bend 1 day
May 6 1 day in portland
May 12/13 Coed Corvallis
May 19 Boys/Girls Corvallis
June 2/3 Westerns in Salt Lake
Games against Bend/ Mt. View Starting ASAP, but probably Mid April.