Wednesday, April 20, 2011

41 Days.

And only 24 til' westerns... Still need money.

Thursday: Looks Like we're in the Gym. I'll try to bring the ipod. Please bring your outside clothes everyday though.

Throw, with individual coaching as I can. Til 3:15
Review practice order 3:20
Warmup 3:30
Skipper drill. You all want to throw skippers, now I'll teach you the right way (Teaches how to angle a disc)3:35
Marking Drill (Should know, will be new to a few)3:45
4 Corners drill if there is room (This will be new for a few of you)3:55
Endzone Offense (refine)3:10
Half court endzone scrimmages. 4:30
Mini Games, focusing on marking one way, pause on turn over to stack and set defense.
Done at 5.

Friday: Looks glorious. 55 sunny, light wind. Bring Light, Dark, Water, food. AND PLEASE BRING A LONGSLEEVE. Helps with throwing to keep your arms warm.

Saturday: Anyone want to play a full game to 15, two even teams? If I have 20 players sign on, we'll do it. Should be 57, and partly sunny.

Portland is rained out
Before westerns maybe next weekend-- Could we get drivers for an early release next friday? Leave at 1, and in Eugene?
Tentatively games vs Bend and MVHS next Thurs!

LINK OF THE DAY. Catch by my old team mate Andrew Fleming. First person to mention this to me tomorrow gets a prize.

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