Wednesday, April 06, 2011

55 days?

-practice thursday, in the gym, but i'll still go to tennis courts until 3:05
-practice friday, meet in parking lot. probably stay at summit, as baseball is away.
-upcoming fundraiser: waxing of skis. you will be responsible for finding one person who wants their skis waxed. bring them to me and rich gross (matt's dad) at his house. we'll play a dvd of frisbee, maybe have a grill going, and need a little help from the experienced. you will watch movies, hang out, eat, and help clean up. if you know how to wax and tune, chip in.

we'll wax and tune alpine skis, wax skate skis, and you will need to return them then next day or two, which will require a little bit of driving around by you. you will need to collect the donation.

price: by donation, should be 10-20 bucks per, depending on what is going on. that is as good or cheaper than any shop. i'll have flyers that you then rubber band to the skis with what they want done. I hope to make several hundred dollars from this.

-your $50 dollar dues are due. we get no money from the school, or anything. your coaches are volunteers. this is the best deal in town. PAY UP!

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