Thursday, February 27, 2014

Practice Starts Monday, March 3rd.

Practice, Monday March 3rd, at Skyliner Fields (near the middle school).
Students are responsible for their own transportation -- there is no bus, we are an unfunded club, and we simply are unable to get field space at summit.

Traditionally the team meets at the tennis courts to carpool. 
We have a lot of freshmen, on the team, who don't drive, so parents, if find out from your kids who their ride is if you're worried about it, or work out something with another parent. 

Bring clothes that will keep you warm enough for conditions.
CLEATS are really useful -- it's sort of not fun without them.
If the fields are open, and conditions are safe, we practice. 
Unsafe is lightning; and a certain secret combination of rain, cold and wind, and kids without enough clothes.  So bring clothes.  Long sleeve polyester shirt, sweatpants, a tobbaggin hat, maybe some thin gloves...

If you're sick, stay home.  If you have too much studying to do, study. 

Practice is done by 5:00 sharp everyday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

frisbee stuff
jersey size etc.

pay online through school website now.