Friday, April 01, 2011

performance cues.

with a huge team, we're all going to have to fight distractions at practice. and even at tournaments. i'd like to introduce the concept of a performance cue. this is not clap once, clap twice stuff. this is, how do i immediately find focus.

the idea is to tie a physical motion to the mental cue to focus. this could be:

when i go into the field, i'll grab some dirt and grass, and hopefully some chalk, rub it on my hands, and clap. hands are now sticky, and mind is focused.

in the nba, count how many guys wait to tie their short drawstrings RIGHT when they step on the court.

pound the ground when you start your point.

take your hat off. fix it, put it on and go to work.

clap your hands together and say, LETS GO

tuck your shirt in.

pound your shoulders.

come up with your own

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