Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coed city league, etc.

i'm not in charge of city league play, but i do work on the BendUltimate board to make it a product that grows frisbee in bend. It was great to see Foley, Tyler, Andy, Braedon, Archer out there not just competing, but DOMINATING. The more you play, the better your game: But always remember: Do it right. And I got to say, the Summit Frisbee players looked like the savviest lot out there.

Summit: Thursday and friday this week on the baseball diamond. Think there are some UO girls showing up (one, Tina Schueler is a UO captain, and Storm alum). We're continuing the 'camp' mindset this week, even if it's just to build for next year.

Next week, and here after is tuesday thursday on the turf. There will be 2 days in july that we have to find another field. I'm looking into it: Summit is reconditioning all Grass, and the turf is booked then. Stay tuned. I think it's the week of July 11.

All juniors are allowed to play in the league: You will need to be either UPA current (which most of you are) or pay an additional fee. At this point, I"m probably not available for late season league, but I'll make sure to work to get you on 'the right team.'

game of day:
UCSB vs UO Girls

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