Thursday, May 05, 2011

here... we... go...

tuesday: games agains bend. they have 2 teams. if i can get mvhs to show up, we'll split into 3.
westerns: i'm calling every house this week. I need.
1) who wants to play, so i have the numbers to tell players their playing time situation so they can decide if they want to pay the player fee, or just go to hang and camp and watch.
2) who's driving: if your family is driving, you're on the team. done. preference is then given to seniority, attendance, skill, etc.
i'd like everyone to play. every girl is on the team.
3) numbers: we're going to stencil numbers. we'll have a numbering party wednesday night, parent meeting, and final get together.
4) you pay the $30 westerns player fee to me. your dues are part of your membership. you'll get a newsletter, and other schwag from the usaultimate governing body.
5) see prior post (below) and self register. give me your upa id # and i'll cut a check for dues for westerns.
6) AWESOME job today. you are the best summit frisbee team ever. fight the doldrums, power through the long season, and you'll have fun memories to last a lifetime.

the first player to see me tomorrow will (along with Tyler, who got it first last time) receive a westerns disc from me. I'd suggest you buy one. Tyler, and tonights winner, should buy one, and have the entire team sign your disc as a memory. Trust me. I still have mine from 1997 worlds, signed by my atlanta team mates. Cool.

the winners of the occasional 'drawings' will all be entered into the group ro-cham-beaux (rock paper scissors) and the winner will chose from my custom summit tie-dye (sick) my size large #42 sockeye jersey from our 3rd in nationals, a disc of your choice, or a prize to be named later.

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