Saturday, April 16, 2011

a guarded success.

the girls work is easy to celebrate: playing 5 girls against 5 guys, in any sense is a plus. we still have tons to work on, but thanks to coach Justin (thank you Justin) we have shared vocabulary, game experience, and an understanding.

the boys played our best game ever against south, but it was too intense, and we were unable to sustain. finishing games will be our theme. down 15-0 we will finish. up 15-0 we will finish.

focus on that.

we will focus next week on THE MARK, HOLDING THE MARK, BREAKING THE MARK, and finding our roles. It is a statement of fact: our top 8-9 can play with anyone. But as we saw this weekend, our team is defined by 15. We will develop our game such that it uses all 15-22 players. Find your role, find your niche. Hit the open throw. Break the Mark:

Success: We pushed deep, kept the line clear, played out of our mind 'd'.
Things to work on: Move the disk sooner, hit the short throws, and finish the game.

Also: Please, I hope you get that anything I tell you comes from experience, and a desire for you to win: from this weekend: bring a polypro top and bottom. face the mark. break the mark.

We will get better. You will be awesome.

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