Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Job, yeah

Great Job team! Monday, we're going to work on the lessons of the weekend. -what do I need to do as an individual to improve? -what am I good at: and how can I maximize this to help the team? -what did we do as a team, 'that is good' and HOW can we get better at it -what did we do as a team, 'that we can improve on', and how can we improve on that. Thoughts from me: Who's good at scoring goals: Let's help them score more. Who's good at breaking the mark: lets work on that. Who's good at hucking? Let's work on that. I'll implement drills that work on these skills: We'll run them with everyone trying every position, then we'll run them with people in the positions that they are best at. I'm really proud of our efforts, and excited at the potential we are showing to improve further in the weeks to come. next tournament is May 6th, a sunday, in Portland. Similar format, probably see some different teams, and the Portland girls team, along with Corvallis, and South Eugene Girls. Boys will see some Portland teams.

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