Friday, April 13, 2012

Daily news

Sparse turnout at fundraiser, but we'll get it going.
A note: If practice is to be cancelled, I'll send an EMAIL, post to the BLOG, and put it on announcements/do an intercom announcement.

Today (Fri) Practice, meet at tennis courts. If attendance is light, we'll just stay.

If you want to be added to email list, see me at lunch.

Upcoming: April Tournament, see link to right.
3 Tournaments in may, May 6 tourney, then 2 'state' tourneys (single gender/coed).

Then in June, Westerns.

Keep coming out, it's just now starting to be good weather. We're not splitting A/B until mid may. Girls, we need as many of you as can come, as often as you can come.

Westerns planning meeting next tuesday. 5:20 in library.

And if you've been struggling to come because of school, weather, mr. thunder, please: don't sweat it. Good weather next week! Yeah.

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