Friday, April 06, 2012


Meet at Gym, we'll see how the weather is, so be prepared for both.

Uniforms/Hats in my room. See me at Lunch if you weren't there.

Waxing fundraiser tentatively scheduled for next thursday at MBSEF.
-You go get friends neighbors family skis. Bring them. Help wax if you know how. Collect donation. Return Skis. I'll give a receipt if they need it for taxes. Probably be 5-8, next thursday, waiting to hear from Dan to confirm.

Double checking paperwork for drivers/etc. for Westerns.

next tournament is April 22nd in Bend, At either Summit or Pine Nursery (Depending on how many teams show).

Here is the schedule again.
Discs are ordered, they'll be early next week.

March 18th Corvallis 1 day
April 22 Bend 1 day
May 6 1 day in portland
May 12/13 Coed Corvallis
May 19 Boys/Girls Corvallis
June 2/3 Westerns in Salt Lake
Games against Bend/ Mt. View Starting ASAP, but probably Mid April.

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