Wednesday, April 04, 2012

what's up, doc?

uniforms will be handed out at practice tomorrow.
barring some change in weather, the current plan is meet inside, throw, warmup, drill, hand out shirts, hats. don't ask if you haven't paid (not much of an issue, but there are one or two of you). (we'll do this another day if you can't be there).

then, after warmups, put on your warmer clothes (and bring thin gloves if you have them), we'll go outside and play games, scrimmage for an hour. forecast is 40, and medium/light wind.

picture day will be next week: I'm thinking tuesday, when it is to be mostly sunny and 61. Pictures will be will be both jerseys, and hats. we're only going to take the team picture if you have the uniform on. this is to frame and put in our trophy case. I'll try to get a decent camera, and or, the news staff photog.

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