Saturday, May 05, 2012

y'all rally now

So, one car, and a few kids have bailed / are waffling.
So if you were at ALL thinking of driving, please do.
If your daughter (Especially: We're really short girls) is waffling, de-waffle-her. This is a good chance to show committment to her teammates/friends. I look silly if we don't have a team for a tournament, but it's a shame for the kids when we have to bail. Can't go is legitimate: but if we're at 'won't' or 'have some other things I'd like to do' can you parents give them a gentle nudge to help their team mates?

Girls: If you show up at 7 a.m. tomorrow, there is a guaranteed super secret reward! (That you'll get monday)
Hint: We're off to see the wizard! (No, It is not heart, brain, or flying monkeys).

Boys: I'll see what I can do.

Parents: We still have a tournament scheduled, leaving sunday may 6th from summit at 7 a.m. Returning by approximately 6 p.m. Boys have two games, girls have 3.

Forecast calls for 70 degrees, and sunny with no wind.

If you were waffling, and are now in, call, email or txt to let me know.


right now, I know of Devin, Piper, Jaydra, Leah, Kaitlynn, Maddie B. Just need 1 more, but more is better!

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