Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's Go! Woo - hoo!

Update: I would consider a parent meeting in the next week or two, to talk about plan for westerns, talk fundraising, and any concerns that a parent would like on the agenda for the good of the group. If you have smaller, or specific questions, just call or email. If it's a small group that needs/wants to talk, we can just call it a planning committee and meet somewhere to assign some accountabillities.

modest turnout 4/10, but good total for the week. Remember the goal is 2 times per week. I have absolutely no concerns with attendance, but would always like a few more. We'll get a few more with more consistent attendance after thunder. We worked on Zone Monday, and reinforced our offense yesterday. We'll do one way force tomorrow, and scrimmage both days.

PRACTICE THURSDAY at skyliner -- meet at summit, leave at 3:04. It will be cooler, and damper, so wear polypro under your shorts and shirts, or sweats over them. Practice FRIDAY probably the same, but stay tuned as I keep an eye on weather. Next week looks warm and sunny! Yippee.

we'll take more pictures soon, but I'll get the team pic posted ASAP! If someone has time, and wants to bring a decent camera, I'll take a couple action shots while you scrimmage one day. NO rush.

ski fundraiser, mbsef, tomorrow., 5:55 pm.
go get skis, bring them there! cross country or downhill (cross country is better, takes less time/wax, but either way)
get a donation.

help me wax if you can! you can help somehow. should be plenty of room to knock it out.

parents drivers: any questions about paperwork for background checks, etc?
it does take time, so please get started.

I'll make some calls, personal emails, offer to help next week.

NEXT FUNDRAISER? I've talked to a couple parents, got a bit in the works, but keep hassling me, if you have an idea.

current teams for April 22nd tournament in bend.
I will TRY to get the bend bulletin out there.

South Eugene
Summit X
Summit y

MVHS/BSHS combo? -- I don't know if they'll have one, coed team, or a boys/girls split. They usually don't have many girls. When we play them in Matches (maybe at the tourney, and for sure in mid week games), we'll play coed if they don't have enough
(waiting to hear from grant, cleveland)

South Eugene

(Haven't heard from portland contingent)

Games at 10, location will be Summit or Pine nursery, depending on number of teams (I have both reserved, but pine nursery has more room), and I need a football field for each field.

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