Thursday, March 15, 2012


boys first game at 830
girls at 10:10
leaving 600 am, going

bring, or have turned in event waiver
bring green and white shirts. change of clothes. warmups and warm stuff. thin gloves if you like. dry socks. polypro longsleeve to go under t-shirt. water bottle. special food needs (snacks there)

weather is decent. 50 and chance of showers.

Rounds Field 1
10:10- 11:30 1v2
11:50-1:10 1v3
Break- 1:10-1:40
1:40-3:00 2v3
3:20-4:50 OSU
Women’s (Field 1)

*OSU will be around
for a scrimmage or
scramble if there is

Women’s Captain Meeting 9:50

Rounds Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Bye
8:30-9:50 1v4 2v5 3v6 7
10:10- 11:30 4v7 2v3 5v6 1
11:50-1:10 6v7 1v3 4v5 2
Break- 1:10-1:40
1:40-3:00 1v5 2v4 3v7 6
3:20-4:50 1v7 2v6 3v4 (optional) 5
Open (Fields 2,3,4)
1. South X
2. South Y
3. Summit
4. Cleveland
5. Sheldon
6. McMinnville
7. Corvallis

Open Captain meeting: 8:15 am

Format: Games to 13  Hard cap at 80 minutes (No soft cap)
30 minute lunch break from 1:10-1:40

Waivers- Every player must have this filled out in ADVANCE Oregon State University is very strict and we will not allow a player to play without a waiver.

Chaperone- Every team is required to have a chaperone. This can either be a parent/guardian or coach

Location- Student Legacy Park, Corvallis Oregon 97331 (across from Dixon Recreation Center.)

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