Saturday, June 08, 2013

Great season.

Congrats on a great season.  The Summit Storm Boys finish 7th out of 13, and top 25 in the country.  The Girls picked up a couple wins this season, and have really built in terms of numbers, consistency and enthusiasm.

Set lofty goals for yourself, and then work to meet them.  The plan is to start as soon as school is out, meeting monday, wednesday, and friday at 8:30 a.m..  We'll throw a lot add in some drills, then play ulty, goalty, or mini. 

Throw, throw, throw, and watch lots of video. Tufts vs. Dartmouth here.  It's funny, an old Seattle team mate of mine is the coach at Dartmouth and he has them use Seattle's old call to go from zone to man.  "Baker".  As in Mt. Baker.  I don't think there are any strato-volcanoes near Dartmouth.

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