Sunday, April 28, 2013

upcoming week.


Good turnout at the Carwash.  A few people neither came, nor communicated, etc.  Rats.  It was a lot of work, and that much time out in the sun left me tired!  If you were tired Sunday, think what a 2 day tournament will be like: Hydrate, Sunscreen, eat.  We did well:  MANY people who had their car washed commented on how excellent you were:  I was especially impressed with how good y'all were about recognizing missed spots as cars dried and DEALING with it.  People notice.  The "Ultimate" Car-wash indeed.  Maybe next year, instead of a carwash, we'll offer expensive cleaning and detailing.  Lower volume, higher quality. Just a thought.

I'd like to have a post practice BBQ soon.  We can truck a Grill to the fields, have it at a parents house in the neighborhood behind the fields (got a couple parents), or just burn some coal in the grills at the fields, (near the pavillions), and eat after.

Practice this week, coed tryouts.  I'll take attendance all week:  We'll have separate scrimmages tuesday and thursday for people who are planning on attending states in 2 weeks.  The monday, wed, practices are most-optional, but since I have to choose A-Team b-team, attendance will be a factor (along with seniority/experience, skill, roles, previous tournaments, season long attendance, etc).

If everyone on the 'league teams' was going to tournaments, it'd be 3 coed teams, and 2 boys/1 girl teams for state.  It's probably not as simple.

Tryout drills will be a 2 v 2 mark break drill, huck drill / come under drill with decision making/completions important, 500 drill, and a couple others.  Scrimmages will be balanced, and athletes  who aren't going to tournaments should come:  They will play either goaltimate, or something else, after participating in drills.  Monday, Wed, Friday, we'll also do some of these drills.

We're trying to fill these roles:

Roles you can fill:
DEFENDER: Job Description.  Shut down your person.  HOLD THE MARK. Don't get beat to the force side.  Basic catch and throw and dump it to handlers, with no turnovers.  (Everyone should be trying out for this role). Examples: Aidan, Nico. But everyone needs this to be their starting point.

PRIMARY HANDLER (0, 1):  Get open at will, over and over.  Break mark at will.  Able to consistently hit long throws in Drills.  Primary zone handler.  Excellent decision making skills.  (POSITION FILLED) (jk, but, the window is closing:  be honest about your ability to huck a flick, consistently break mark, and ability to NEVER turn it over in zone). BEST Ex: Braedon.  Jaydra.

SECONDARY HANDLER (1,a):  SAME as primary handlers, but you don't need the monster flick.  Break mark, decision making, and very 'risk averse' (this means don't turn it over.  Handle in zone. BEST EX: Chris Williams.

CUTTERS: DEEP(3,4,b,c):  Willingness to run deep, and out run your defender all over field. Hit short open forehands.  Break mark with backhand and dump.  In zone, play Deep or Wing. First thought is ALWAYS to go towards opponents endzone.  Best EX: Emma (in co-ed).  Max for Boys.

Cutters: MID(2,3,b):  Same as DEEP cutters (get open deep), but also the responsibility to POP in a zone. Ability to hit longer forehand an advantage. Decision making, and knowing your throws are key.  BEST EX: Dahlio

If we have money after fees: I found a cool weather-proof boom box that we could get.

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