Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Get off your duff and make it to practice:

We had 16 today, and despite last nights threat of a snowday, by practice time it was a manageable 40 and light breeze. Did a little longer warmup.

Remember that b/c of varying numbers from day to day, we have to be flexible. If it's the same tomorrow, as today, we'll throw in the gym, go play some mini out at the fields, and finish with more throwing in the gym. We'll probably be done at 4:30 if that's the case, with an option for post practice conditioning.

Today we did 8 x 120 with :30 seconds rest.
Tomorrow will just be a run of 40-60 minutes.
These are optional workouts, but you are all welcome.
Thursday will likely be something brisker again.

Games are coming.

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